Composite Fillings

White fillings on back teeth are increasingly the preferred choice for patients and dentist alike. Recent advances in the technology of white filling materials, composites and porcelains, have made their performance comparable or superior to that of traditional silver amalgam fillings.


Benefits of Composite Filling

A white filling is a composite material made up of resin and glass, which is a tooth coloured and mercury free.

A white filling has the ability to bond with the tooth making the finished combination much stronger. In addition, because of it’s excellent bonding capacity, less of the natural tooth structure needs to be removed. Composite fillings can also be used for cosmetic purposes to restore chipped or uneven front teeth.

There are many different ways to provide a tooth coloured filling. We will always discuss the different options available to you whenever a new filling is required.


As dentists we believe prevention is always better than cure and will always encourage and help you to look after your teeth so you don’t develop tooth decay in the first place. If you do have decay and need a filling then we recommend white fillings as a good solution that is both aesthetic and functional.

Flexible and Durable

Your teeth may feel hard but they’re flexible enough to withstand the forces exerted from biting and chewing. In other words, they have a little give to them. Unlike amalgam fillings, white fillings are able to flex with the rest of your tooth while you eat. This makes white filings ideal for restoring teeth with small cavities.

Also, white fillings won’t expand and contract with temperature fluctuations inside the mouth. Since amalgam fillings contain metals, they expand as you sip hot coffee and contract as you eat ice cream. These movements are tiny. But over time, they can allow bacteria to slip inside your tooth and cause deep cavities.

What to Expect

During your appointment, we’ll examine the inside of your mouth and take x-rays so our dentists can get a better look at what’s happening beneath the surface. If we spot a cavity, we may recommend a dental filling to restore the health, function, and appearance of the tooth.

To prep you for the procedure, we’ll numb your mouth so you won’t feel any pain. Then, our dentist will remove the decayed tooth structure and fill the hole with composite resin.

In general, the entire procedure takes about an hour.

Composite Bonding Before After

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