Would you please be kind enough to forward my gratitude to everyone. I have written a testimonial reflecting my experience, I am happy for for this to be used in any capacity including your website or marketing. Most importantly I would just like to say a massive personal thank you to anyone involved in my treatment.

I would like to express most most sincere appreciation to all the team, starting with the receptionist who got back to me almost immediately after my tentative online enquiry. It is almost 20 years since I last went to the dentist, I was increasingly ashamed and humiliated at the state of my teeth yet paralysed with anxiety about doing something about it. When I finally found the courage I was met by a team of staff lead by Dr Nermin Bhanji and hygienist Sukaina Hashim who were kind supportive, non judgemental and a credit to their profession.

I found the whole experience truly uplifting. My teeth look better than I ever thought was possible and for the first time in many years I can smile with confidence. I thought it was too late, I thought the condition of my teeth and gums had gone too far, thankfully I was wrong. I understand that for the colleagues at Staines Centre of Dental Excellence this may all be in a days work but i and overwhelmed with joy at getting over a life long phobia and will be forever grateful. I look forward to seeing you in 6 months.

Since a terrible experience as a child I’ve had a life-long, full-blown phobia of dentistry. I managed to have some work done (under general anaesthetic) just before my wedding in 1985 but after that found any excuse not to see a dentist, until a few years ago when suddenly a crown broke off leaving a rotted tooth exposed. I was petrified and hit one of the lowest points in my life but I knew something had to be done. I searched the web looking for a dentist who seemed to genuinely understand nervous (actually, terrified is a better word) patients. I still don’t really know how I found STCODE but thank goodness I did. I spent an afternoon plucking up courage to make the call and I knew straight away the receptionist really understood how I felt.

I made an appointment to see Anmol who was, and still is, brilliant. At the first appointment he suggested I sit on an ordinary chair while we talked before asking if I felt ready to sit on the couch. He explained everything he was going to do before he did it and would stop at any time if I felt uncomfortable. The tooth needed to be extracted and replaced with one that his fantastic, high-tech equipment would make while I waited and which he would fit, all in one appointment. I had the treatment under sedation and vaguely remember thinking “Oh, I’m actually having a tooth extracted!” before drifting off into la-la land again. The replacement was amazing and I was so pleased with the result.

The next step was to see the hygienist. I was still very nervous (I’ve always hated anything metal in my mouth) but she was great and held off using any metal instruments until I felt ready. I now have enough confidence to let they hygienist do whatever she needs to (she still remembers I’m a nervous patient!), something I never thought would happen.

About two years ago I needed a crown replaced. Again, this was done under sedation and the new crown made and fitted there and then. Again, the result is great. I now see Anmol and the hygienist every 6 months and although I’m still a little nervous, with their help I’ve come a long way. I no longer dread the appointment date looming closer. It has just become part of everyday life.

We are relocating to the north of Scotland next year but STCODE will still be my dental surgery, during visits back down to see family. Now that my phobia is at a manageable level I don’t want anything to set me back to where I was a few years ago. However nervous you are, please don’t suffer in silence. Make a phone call and let Anmol and his amazing team do the rest. They won’t let you down.

I attended the Staines Centre of Dental Excellence on Saturday 11th August with my wife for our routine dental check-up with Alison and an equally routine hygienist visit with Zara.

You should know that despite being a big, strong, ruffty-tuffty man (in my 50’s), I am still reduced to the trembling, gibbering, frightened little boy of yesteryear when I walk into the dental surgery. The horrors of boyhood dental treatment still haunt me, the screeching, nerve-shredding, squeal of the drill, the literally eye-watering agony of the needle plunging deep into my gums and the satanic, black mask looming over my face to gas me into unconsciousness for an extraction, all the terrors rear up into my mind. Yes, I know, everything’s changed nowadays, but aren’t we all victims of our experiences?

Thus when Alison cheerfully informed me that one of my old cast-iron fillings, that had been forged and riveted into a molar sometime during the late Victorian era needed replacing, AND that she could complete the procedure immediately, I smiled weakly, and with a positive spin decided that this was an opportunity at last to win an “I’ve been Brave Today” sticker. I could hardly believe hearing my own voice saying,”Yeh, great, lets do that then.”

What followed was a serious re-assessment of modern dental treatment. With a faltering voice, I broke down like a baby and confessed my childish fears, the terror of the pain and the hideous, physical gagging reaction I always suffered with from having fluid, bits of filling, fragments of tooth and goodness knows what else slipping and sliding around near my throat. Alison smiled sweetly and asked me, “How are you with latex?” This wasn’t a sentence I’d anticipated hearing in a dental surgery, but I kept cool and replied that although it had been many years since a woman had asked me that question, that I was “good with latex.”

I need not have been alarmed. Alison explained that she would be able to use a small sheet of latex to act as a ‘dam’, and so prevent anything nearing my throat causing the dreaded gagging. Happy Days! As for the pain? Alison, who is now officially my favourite person on Earth, deadened my gums with some sort of paste prior to the anaesthetic injection and I am happy to report that the WHOLE procedure was without the slightest inkling of pain, discomfort, gagging or general unpleasantness. In fact the operation became something to observe and enjoy as Alison and her able assistant seemed to wordlessly communicate with each other, passing stuff back and forth, sticking other stuff in my mouth, waving some sort of leprechaun sized, orange table-tennis bat over me and shining bright lights into me, etc etc. There really was lots of sciencey/medical-like stuff going on. But NO PAIN.

So I am very happy to report that I have undergone a ‘Dental Epiphany’, my fear and terror have been spat out into the little bowl next to the dentists chair and sluiced away with the strange tasting, green water you rinse with after treatment, never to be seen again. I am happy and content. Thank You Alison, your practice is well named, ‘Excellence’ indeed. I have only one minor issue, despite my undoubted valour I didn’t get my “I’ve Been Brave Today” sticker.

I recently had a crown fitted by Dr Anmol Chander. His work was of the highest quality and the level of customer service was excellent. It was a pleasant experience and I am extremely pleased with the results. I would recommend Anmol to anyone.

My teeth needed urgent attention as I had not been to a dentist largely due to my ignorance of the consequences. A work colleague recommended SCoDE and I was pleasantly surprised at the friendly and professional advice that was given. The initial issues were resolved very quickly and consequently saved my teeth. An implant was recommended for a front tooth which I lost and this was professionally done giving me confidence to smile again! Dr Anmol further advised on a crown to help protect a tooth and I was truly amazed at the efficiency and technology used to create and fit the crown within 1.5hrs. I am truly thankful to Dr Anmol and the team at SCoDE for all they have done and would highly recommend this practice.

Hi Anmol,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for the kindness shown to me during my recent treatment at your centre.

To say that I was nervous was an understatement, but from the first call to Jess on reception who was so friendly, then meeting Holly who went out of her way to put me at ease straight away, and the meeting with you was such a relief to me.

You explained everything to me and made sure that I was comfortable with the treatment at each step of the way. I could hardly speak with nerves and embarrassment that I had left it so long in visiting a dentist, but by the end of the treatments, I could actually speak and laugh and the nerves vanished!

I would not hesitate to recommend your centre of excellence to anyone, and actually have persuaded my husband to come and see you. He has the same fear as me, but he can see how happy I have been with the whole experience that he too is hoping to make an appointment with you soon.

Dear Anmol

You have no idea how nervous I was yesterday and was dreading you extracting my tooth and was even dreading the injection. I have Fibromyalgia and normal pain is magnified. That, coupled with being on a blood thinner…

The reality is that I didn’t feel the injection and once you started to pull the tooth I just knew it was going to come out in one piece as I had every confidence in you.

When I came home I followed all instructions to the letter. Bleeding stopped within and hour and this morning, apart from a small gap in my gum, I would never know I’d had a tooth removed.

Many thanks . You are my hero!

“I have over the years had tremendous trouble mainly self-inflicted with my teeth. I decided to have total full jaw implants using a relatively new technique for ‘teeth in a day’ which could possible last for several years with good maintenance and care with diet. I have had many, many terrible dental experiences in the past which almost gave me a phobia of dentistry! I was recommended by another dentist to see Dr Anmol Chander for treatment. From the first visit I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable, the staff he has assembled in his practice are the epitome of customer care. I was given several options for my treatment and once I had decided on the above option a treatment plan was created for me.

The procedure was completely painless and I was totally overwhelmed by the fantastic results achieved. I had zero swelling after the treatment I received from amazing Dr Chander. Over the years I must have tried over 20+ dentists but this guy is world class and I am not exaggerating. The dental nurses are very knowledgeable and attentive to your needs, and make themselves available for questions and concerns days before, during and after the procedure. If you need any kind of dental work this practice has great dentists that specialise in other areas like root canal and other aspects of oral care and restoration. I am overjoyed that I finally have found a dentist that takes the worry and stress away and provides a first class service in every respect.

I would recommend anyone that needs treatment of any kind to visit this practice to see for themselves that a visit to the dentist holds no fear.”

“It is safe to say that my teeth were in a very bad state. So bad in fact that it was causing me issues when eating and I also felt embarrassed to smile and even hold a conversation. Something had to be done. I was recommended to the practice by my daughter who spoke very highly of the team and treatment she had received.

From the very start Anmol was very patient and took time to explain all the options available to me and together we decided that dental implants would be the way forward. I began a series of appointments which spanned just over a year due to the amount of work involved and healing time. At each stage of the process I was kept fully informed of what was happening and what would happen next. The end result is fantastic and I am more than pleased with how everything has turned out. I am now no longer embarrassed to smile!

Anmol- I really can’t thank you and the team enough for your brilliant work and the exceptional level of care that you have shown me.

Your front of house reception team, Vander and Jess are a real asset to the practice. They have a wonderful sense of humour whilst maintaining a professional, kind and caring relationship with the patient. This really helps when you have just had all your teeth taken out!”

“I have been a patient at the Staines Centre of Dental Excellence for a number of years, enjoying excellent dental care and advice. Whilst I am fortunate in having teeth which have never decayed or needed any fillings, I do suffer badly with staining from tea and coffee. Regular visits to the hygienist take care of this, and I was offered the chance to be one of the first patients to take advantage of the latest Diamond Clean air polishing service. What an amazing result! All of the stains and discolouration have gone, whilst the process was much less painful and also quicker than conventional polishing. I have booked my next appointment and thoroughly recommend the Diamond Clean Service.”

I joined the Staines Centre of Dental Excellence as a new patient last year having been dissatisfied with my previous dentist and was immediately impressed with your relaxed approach which was at odds with previous experiences in which I was made to feel that I had a problem and there was only one solution.

You were patient and explained a number of options (including ‘do nothing’) giving me time to mull things over and even responding to my request for some examples of what the various options might look like – that made a huge difference and provided enough information to convince me of which treatment was suitable for me.

I did not chose the most expensive option but none the less I was delighted with the outcome (more of that later). I was given a number of cost options and although the overall cost was sizeable, the end result still made it feel like very good value for money.

There’s a saying about “no pain, no gain” and when it comes to dentists you expect a little pain……however I have to say, you always briefed me ahead of each session so I knew what to expect (and that’s half the battle) so invariably, I was pleasantly surprised that there was less pain and more gain than expected! The most uncomfortable sessions were actually the early teeth whitening ones, so by the time we got to the veneers etc, it was always easier than expected. It felt like a journey we were both taking and I felt like I was being consulted each step of the way and could ask questions to ensure I understood what had happened and what was next on the menu.

The only time I experienced any difficulty was when I had a set of temporary teeth fitted while my veneers were being made. They felt a little alien and made eating (and initially) talking a little difficult, however when my permanent veneers were fitted they were a massive improvement and I was able to get used to them really quickly.

As often happens in life not everything runs smoothly and there was a problem with the final colour of one of my teeth. Again you handled this very well and i was made to feel that the quality of the outcome was as important to you as it was to me. Ultimately I have been delighted with the end results – my new teeth look as good as the mock ups that were provided before I decided on my treatment – and have given me the confidence to smile more which is a highly underrated behaviour!

It was our lucky day when we found The Staines Centre of Dental Excellence and in particular Dr. Anmol Chander while searching on line for a new dentist. Anmol’s professionalism is outstanding. He has such a calming nature explaining all treatment completely and thoroughly, is always ready to answer any questions and we cannot praise him enough.

We both needed extensive treatment and it has been a long haul with brilliant results. I, in particular, was a very nervous patient requiring sedation for even the simplest of treatments but now with Anmol’s patience, understanding and encouragement have undergone the latter part of my treatment sedation free.

So many people have noticed the difference and we recommend Anmol and his amazing team at every opportunity. The Receptionists are so welcoming as too are the nurses.

Many thanks, Anmol, we cannot thank you enough for restoring our smiles.

Vic and Carol

Dear Anmol,

As a regular visitor to STCODE since 2012, I wish to express my appreciation to you and your team, for the first class professional attitude and care, which was offered to me, regarding my recent root canal and implant treatment. At all times, I was treated with courtesy, and advised of the various steps required in order to complete the course effectively. The journey was painless and I was encouraged to ask questions along the way.

These are vital improvements to my dental health, which have significantly improved my well being.

Thank you and your team, with good wishes for the future.

Kind Regards, John

I cannot speak highly enough of this surgery, I came for my 3 hour appointment somewhat apprehensive and nervous but my fears all left with reassurance from Anmol and I felt immediately confident everything was going to be ok.

Anmol told me he thought I would be very pleased with the result but I was not prepared for how happy I was with my 3 replaced crowns, they just made an amazing difference.

During my treatment I was shown step by step how everything was done and I have to say the technology in this surgery is very impressive.

Thank you Anmol and team for a good experience and a great result.

I have been absolutely petrified of the dentist following a bad experience 5 years ago but knew I needed to do something when my teeth began to affect my confidence, my speech and my smile. After discussing a treatment plan with Aman, he supported me all the way through my treatment, understood my fear, and worked with that to ensure my time in the chair was as stress free as possible. I have now regained my confidence with dental treatment thanks for Aman and all the brilliant staff.

Surprisingly, I quite enjoy coming to the dentist and hygienist! Being on the Practice Plan has improved the health of my teeth and gums considerably.

I received excellent care. I am delighted with my implant! I would not hesitate to have another tooth done, should it be necessary. Thank you so very much.

Samantha is always very informative, careful and caring. I actually look forward to coming to the dentist for the first time in my life!

The Staines Centre of Dental Excellence has a talented, multi-disciplinary team with the latest technology. Great for dental phobics like myself!

Dr Anmol Chander was very gentle and attentive and explained the treatment and procedures very well. He provides an excellent service.

Recently I had implants and was advised that a local anaesthetic would be ok. This turned out to be the case. The work was done as gently as possible and at a pace that did not stress me at any time.

Excellent preview of treatment needed including options and choices to be made. Fantastic, friendly and highly professional service. Delighted with the outcome of treatment!

I was thoroughly impressed with Anmol’s professionalism and considerate manner. I welcomed the fact that he firstly listened to my own thoughts about the changes I would like and then offered genuine advice on them without looking to add unnecessary additional treatment. He outlined the treatment programme and costings and explained each step of the process clearly. The work was completed to schedule and I am delighted with the results. The best dental service I have experienced.

As a very nervous patient and someone who suffers from a particular jaw problem, I was delighted to have found a dentist who understood my situation. Anmol immediately set me at ease with his professionalism and understanding. During my treatment Anmol regularly checked how I was feeling, gave me breaks and was extremely patient. From the receptionist to the hygienist, a highly commendable team.

In June 2013 I knew I had serious problems with my teeth.

Having had several bad experiences with dentists in the past I had neglected my teeth. I am also an exceptionally nervous patient. Knowing the crunch had come my search for a kind and sensitive dentist began. I emailed various local dentist surgeries explaining my problems and my fears. Almost immediately I received a call from Kim the receptionist who was so sympathetic and kind that I had no hesitation in following her recommendation to make an appointment for the following morning with Dr. Anmol Chander. This was the beginning of my dental journey that was to take eighteen months to complete.

From day one I trusted Anmol’s judgement and never hesitated to follow his advice and plan of action. In collaboration with his colleague Bhavin Pitamber who specialises in Periodontology they managed to save most of my bottom teeth but I still required full extraction of the upper teeth to be replaced with dentures. It soon became clear after just a few weeks that dentures were not for me and after Anmol explained the options I decided on dental implants.

The procedure and time plan were explained in great detail, verbally and in writing. This gave me the chance to ask questions and gave me a cooling off period should I change my mind. The written plan included the stages of treatment, the estimate of the fees spread out across the eighteen month period and alternative payment plans.

Eighteen months on and I now have my ‘new teeth’ and with regular visits to both Anmol, Bhavin & Sam the Hygienist I now know how to look after my teeth.The receptionists and nurses complete a great team.

Without their kindness and sense of humour I would never have got through this. I can honestly say I wasn’t the easiest patient and there were many tears (but also much laughter) along the way.

Would I recommend them?

I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

I can honestly say that eighteen months ago I was devastated at the loss of my teeth and there were times when I could not see a light at the of the tunnel. Without sounding too dramatic they have honestly given me my life back and I sincerely thank them all for that.

Anmol is a truly gifted and kind individual after many years of extensive dental work from the age of 15 two of my friends recomended me. I had consultations at my current dentists and Harley Street London for implants and bridges one totally missed the fact I had gum disease and the other said that implants would be tricky and wouldn’t look right. I immediately felt trust and reassurance when I went to Anmol and changed Anmol to my dentist immediately. At every step I was consulted offered amazingly good service with minimal pain and for the first time in my life I actually looked forward to going to the dentist as I knew the results would be incredible and Anmol was such a sweetie.

The outcome has been amazing my smile is a million dollars totally natural but thanks to Anmol and his perfectionism my smile and my confidence is sky high I cannot thank you enough “

I cannot thank you enough for all the care, thought and kindness. You are a credit to your profession…..and humanity”

Thank you for all your time, work and (at times) support with my teeth. I am so happy with the results”.

I just wanted to write to say thank you for all your work over the past year. You have been so supportive and have really helped me through all the work on my teeth. There is no way I could have done this without you being so understanding”.

I was told that the treatment I was considering was life changing, and its true, I now feel good about myself and far more self-assured; no longer embarrassed to smile! Anmol, thanks to your expertise, the results have exceeded my expectations. So many people told me I was in good hands, how right they were”.

Anmol, just to say thanks again, its been a long journey but end result fantastic!”.

I was highly recommended to you by a work colleague who was having the same treatment done, my total experience from start to finish was amazing”.

Its not hard to say ‘Thank you’ to you, it just doesn’t seem enough for someone who is brilliant at what he does and has changed my life around”