Private Fee Guide

New patient examination £95
New patient emergency appointment £95
Routine existing patient examination £45
Small X-Ray from £15
Panoral Radiograph £65
CT Scan per jaw £120
All Ceramic Metal Free Crown from £750
Full Gold Crowns £850
Veneer (Composite) from £385
Veneer (Porcelain) from £795
Cerec Emax Onlay/Crown from £750
Root canal treatment Incisor
from £550 to £750
from £550 to £800
from £650 to £850
Composite Fillings from £150
Hygienist (per 30 minutes session) £62.00
Extractions from £150.00
Surgical Extractions from £260
Full Dentures (per denture) from £950
Partial Dentures (acrylic) £795.00
Valplast Dentures from £795.00
Metal Dentures from £1100.00
Mouth Guards from £95.00
Sedation (per session) from £320.00
Zoom Whitening In office & Home Combination treatment £650.00
Home Whitening Kit £450.00
Facial Asthetics from £180.00 to £345
Initial Implant (excluding grafting and temporary restorations) £2,700.00
Additional implants (excluding grafting and temporary restorations) £2,500.00
Orthodontic treatment from £2,500.00


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