Arranging your root canal treatment in Egham is an easy and hassle-free process with the Staines Centre of Dental Excellence. Our clinic is conveniently located within 3 miles of Egham with free parking available on-site. We understand that our patients have busy schedules, which is why we offer quick and convenient appointments throughout the week and on Saturdays.

If you’re suffering from tooth pain or sensitivity, it could be a sign that you need root canal treatment. This procedure is specifically designed to remove infections and alleviate their associated symptoms. It’s highly effective in saving your natural tooth and relieving the discomfort caused by infected or damaged dental pulp.


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Root Canal Specialist in Egham, Surrey

Our dental practice is home to highly qualified and experienced endodontics specialists. They have the expertise to diagnose and effectively manage a range of endodontic issues. 

Their skills are so esteemed that they even provide training to future dentists. Our specialists hold prestigious distinctions from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, showcasing their commitment to excellence in the field of endodontics.

So whenever you require a root canal filling in Egham, we have you covered.


Root Canals: What You Need To Know

An abscessed tooth can occur when an infection spreads to the root, resulting in a painful pocket of pus. If you have symptoms such as throbbing pain, fever, and swollen lymph nodes, it is important to seek urgent dental care. 

Signs and Symptoms

Experiencing persistent dental pain or discomfort when consuming hot or cold food and drinks could be an indication that you may require a root canal treatment. 

Tooth sensitivity, particularly to temperature changes, is a common symptom associated with problems in the root canal system. We advise you to schedule an appointment with your dentist for further examination and potential treatment as soon as possible.

If you observe redness, tenderness, or swelling around a tooth, it could be a possible indicator of an underlying issue. Swollen gums may suggest the presence of an infection that requires attention.

Causes of Infected Teeth

Teeth that have been affected by natural decay or trauma can create an opportunity for bacteria to enter. A deep filling or exposure of the root canal system can also allow bacteria to penetrate the inner part of the tooth.

Similarly, cracked teeth can lead to the need for a root canal treatment. When a tooth is cracked and exposes the nerve inside, it can cause severe discomfort and heightened sensitivity. It is essential to address this issue promptly with your dentist.


Root Canal Therapy Egham Root Canal Treatment Egham

It is crucial not to overlook symptoms which may indicate a root canal infection, as they can potentially worsen if not addressed promptly. 

To ensure an accurate diagnosis and appropriate dental treatment, it is recommended to visit our skilled dentists near Egham. We can carefully evaluate your condition and provide you with the necessary recommendations for treatment.


Oral Surgery for Root Canal Filling Egham

In a root canal procedure, our skilled dentists will carefully eliminate the infected pulp from within your tooth. They will then clean and disinfect the area to remove any bacteria present. Afterwards, they will seal it with a safe filling made of gutta-percha material. This comprehensive approach aims to alleviate your discomfort and prevent any future decay of the treated tooth.

We recognise that dental procedures may cause anxiety for certain patients. That’s why our top priority at our clinic near Egham is to establish a comfortable and calming atmosphere for all patients. Our friendly staff will assist you throughout the entire process, addressing any queries or worries you may have.


How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

See our price list to view the costs of all of our treatments. Patients in Egham can take advantage of our easy financing services which help you to spread the cost of dental treatment. 

Get in touch to find out more.


Dental Phobia? We Can Help

If you’re someone who gets anxious about dental procedures, we can help you to access the dental care you need. 

Our dental practice offers conscious sedation as an alternative to traditional anaesthesia. This safe and effective method of dentistry is specifically designed to help patients like you feel more comfortable during treatment. 

With conscious sedation, you can experience a predictable and reassuring dental experience.


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